The Whitaker Law Group is focused on helping clients protect their intellectual property rights, frequently through litigation and licensing. Our practice includes all aspects of intellectual property law, with a special emphasis on the litigation of intellectual property disputes. In addition, WLG is keen to offer its clients alternative billing arrangements to help simplify or ease the burden that generally comes from the legal and litigation process.

Contingent Fee Copyright Infringement

The Whitaker Law Group understands that most smaller clients simply cannot afford the legal bills that would otherwise be necessary to see a complex copyright infringement lawsuit all the way through. Because of the inherent imbalance of power in disputes between small entities and large entities, the Whitaker Law Group frequently represents clients on a contingent fee basis. This allows our clients to mount a much more substantial offensive case without fear that the infringer will simply out-spend them. We find that the contingent fee relationship allows us to align our interests with those of the client to provide better representation which is more efficient, effective and goal-driven.

Our services also include helping companies acquire patent rights for computer software and hardware, electronics, telecommunications, networks and other related technologies as well as counseling clients on intellectual property portfolio management, patent invalidity and non-infringement issues, freedom-to-practice concerns, and other issues related to intellectual property.

Anonymous Copyright Letter Settlements

Frequently we are approached by individuals who have received notices of alleged copyright infringement from their ISPs demanding settlement payments.These most often originate from a company called CEG TEK International, a company essentially started by a lawyer named Ira Seigel for the purpose of enforcing copyrights against bittorrent downloaders.  CEG TEK alone must send out thousands of these notices constantly.

When individuals receive these notices, they often react with fear and panic because of the catastrophic penalties suggested in them. Their reaction to that fear and panic is often to simply accept the terms made in the settlement demand regardless of whether that individual actually committed any wrongful act.  In other words, sometimes it's easier to just settle than to fight.  Not everyone has the constitution for long drawn out federal litigation. It is not fun, regardless of which side you are on.

However, rather than simply provide their credit card or banking information to CEG TEK directly, many individuals prefer to stay anonymous when making such a settlement payment.  That is where WLG comes in.  We can perform the settlement transaction directly with the accuser without revealing your personal information, to include even making the payment without the accuser ever knowing who you are.  This helps eliminate the fear that making a small one-time settlement payment will open you up to repeated harassment and follow-on threats.

Pro Se Legal Services

WLG can also work with cost-conscious clients to provide so-called Pro Se Legal Services, sometimes called “unbundled legal services.” For those clients who feel comfortable handling some or much of their own legal affairs, but who need assistance with the more complex tasks, unbundled legal services might be for you. Pay only for the particular service that you need, without committing to a full-service representation. Pay only for the services you want, not what your lawyer wants. This program allows clients to buy legal services almost à la carte.