Friday, January 29, 2016

Did this really just happen?

So I represent quite a few defendants in the Dallas Buyers Club and Cobbler Nevada cases here in Seattle. These cases are going pretty much the same way they go everywhere else. One case got slightly interesting today.

One subscriber ignored everything, so of course he got a default entered against him. [Don't do that!] And then DBC filed a motion for a default judgment today, which I just couldn't abide. It came with a proposed order that is nothing except a ridiculous marketing document filled with extreme results in other cases set out like they are the norm. But it's a default judgment so the guy can't defend it. But I've had enough, so I filed a simple request to the Court to let me submit a short brief to give the Court more context than the slanted, one-side monstrosity that is DBC's proposed order.

A little surprising, DBC's lawyer *opposed* my request! DBC's lawyer is actually telling the judge that he should deny my request because there's no authority for me filing such a brief. Like the judge doesn't have the authority to accept briefs in his own courtroom from whomever he wants. Crazy!
The back and forth is below.