Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dallas Buyers Club, Cobbler Nevada, and Malibu Media update

So there has been a lot of action in the local Dallas Buyers Club and Cobbler Nevada cases here in Seattle.  I'm getting lots of calls right now from people who just got served with formal process asking what to do.  It seems like I'm answering the same questions over and over, so what I would like to do is point you to a great post over on DieTrollDie that pretty much breaks down how these cases go and what to expect along the way.

Please, go read that post and it will probably answer tons of your questions. It's very detailed and comprehensive.  He's not a lawyer, but he is a great resource for understanding these cases.

On another note, those of you who follow these bittorrent cases closely are probably aware of the apparent rift forming between Malibu Media and their counsel. Just below is a recent order (as in today, recent) dismissing the entire case because Malibu Media's old counsel withdrew and they didn't get new counsel in time. Expect an attorneys fees motion next.