Monday, March 16, 2015

Major Firms Laying Off Lawyers: Surprise, Surprise!

I almost feel like Nostradamus. I recently posted my skepticism (to put it kindly) about Law360's claim that the lawyers at the major firms have been as busy as ever, despite patent infringement filings being down by twenty percent. I think the word I used was bullshit.

I wrapped up that piece with the simple question: How long before Law360 reports that the "major firms" have announced some new layoffs in their patent litigation departments?

Well, as it turns out, not long.  Today (just 12 days since I predicted it), Law360 announces that several major firms are reducing their attorney headcount by 9 to 20 percent.

Is anyone surprised by this?

I actually think it's a little funny just how accurate my prediction was less than two weeks ago. Or it would be funny, if we weren't talking about people losing their jobs.