Friday, March 27, 2015

Eagle Harbor Holdings Loses Patent Battle With Ford Motor Co.

A Tacoma jury just returned a verdict of non-infringement in favor of Ford Motor Company in a long patent and trade secrets battle with local technology company, Eagle Harbor Holdings. See the verdict form below.

Eagle Harbor Holdings and Ford Motor Company have been battling over a family of patents for nearly five years.  Dan Preston, the patriarch of EHH, has been involved in the automotive electronics industry for many years. He was part of the team that developed the OnStar system for General Motors.

Mr. Preston and his company worked with FoMoCo during the mid 2000s to help them develop a new automotive electronic system. However, it seems EHH and FoMoCo were unable to finalize the deal and parted ways, yet FoMoCo still came out with a couple of key technology systems that EHH said were straight rip-offs of EHH's patented technology.

The case has gone on for about 5 years, including some nasty back-and-forth with FoMoCo accusing Mr. Preston of stealing some of Ford's secret documents. The trial finally occurred this month, led by two of the legal industry's most well-known patent litigators:  Parker Folse for EHH and Bill Lee for FoMoCo.

Mr. Folse was counsel for Two-Way Media, which won a $40 Million verdict against AT&T that I have commented on a couple times.

Mr. Lee was counsel for Apple in the huge trial against Samsung in which a California jury returned a billion dollar verdict in favor of Apple.

Eagle Harbor Holdings v Ford Motor Co Verdict Form by John Whitaker