Thursday, October 23, 2014

WLG Assists Inventor To Patent Victory

The Whitaker Law Group and the Mann Law Group represented Mr. Tom Lalor in his patent infringement litigation that just culminated in a jury verdict in his favor. Mr. Lalor invented a more comfortable dog collar that included raised areas on the collar housing to help reduce the pressure on the dog's neck. The reduced pressure results in fewer sores and a generally more comfortable experience for the dog.

Apparently his invention was attractive, because after seeing it at a dog show in 2004, the "Invisible Fence" company came out with an infringing product. Some letters were exchanged, and this law suit ensued.

The case started in April of 2010 and had a long, tough haul to finally get to a jury. The case was initially dismissed back in 2012 but appealed to the Federal Circuit, which reinstated the case. After a couple more years litigating, the case finally went to trial in October of 2014.

The Whitaker Law Group assisted the Mann Law Group at trial and had to overcome some substantial hurdles to secure victory. For example, the defendants (the "Invisible Fence" people) were able to knock out Mr. Lalor's technical expert before trial on procedural grounds, which could have severely impacted Mr. Lalor's ability to prove his case. Not to fear, through the able and skilled cross examination of Phil Mann, Mr. Lalor was able to prove his case using the defendants' own expert witness.  Why hire your own expert witness when you can just use the other side's?

Other surprises awaited us during trial, but at the end of the day, the jury handed down a verdict in Mr. Lalor's favor. The verdict is embedded below.

For any of you in the area who want to hear some really interesting war stories, get in touch with me and we can have coffee. As usual, this case had some extremely surprising and interesting moments.