Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's On!

The March 11 Prenda hearing is tomorrow. I'm heading down to watch the fireworks and see exactly how Judge Wright responds to John Steele and his crew not being there after being ordered to appear.

I'll try to post updates as the day goes on.

[UPDATE] Fail. Well, at the last second I had to bail out of the trip. I'm going to trial in a week and about ten other things came up that caused me to back out of the trip this morning, especially with the latest developments. I can't express how eager I was to watch this hearing, but my workload coupled with the last-second effort by Steele et al to try and avoid the hearing caused me to back out.

That said, some of my very capable colleagues, like Nicholas Ranallo and Stewart Kellar will be there taking notes and keeping us all up to date.