Monday, September 24, 2012

Seriously?!?! The CIA Has To Investigate Copyright Infringers? Updated

CIA spying on citizens over copyright squabbleTorrentFreak just reported that the Australian equivalent of our C.I.A. (the Central Intelligence Agency, not the Copyright Infringement Advisor) was illegally spying on Kim Dotcom to help the U.S. build a case against MegaUpload.
Turns out the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), the Australian CIA, is legally prohibited from spying on New Zealand citizens like Kim Dotcom. Still, the GCSB was surveilling Dotcom and his family.
Seriously? 1984 much?
Today Australia's Prime Minister called for an investigation into the illegal activity of the GCSB. Kim Dotcom's U.S. lawyer, Ira Rothken, said he is looking forward to learning of any US involvement in the illegal spying.
So am I. So. Am. I.
In times when our own are blowing each other up, and defecting to terrorist organizations, should our intelligence agencies really be spending time trying to keep Hollywood rich? I think not.
UPDATE: The beginning of the end. New Zealand's Prime Minister has apologized to Kim Dotcom for the legal violations of New Zealand's CIA, which was illegally spying on Dotcom to build a case against him. So now, if New Zealand has a system of justice similar to ours, all the evidence amassed as a result of that spying should be inadmissible in court.
So the government seized millions of dollars in cash, cars, and guns based on illegally obtained evidence. This is exactly why the citizenry needs protections from an overly zealous government out to punish those its sees as "wrong doers" without any consideration of the law. A government agent being convinced someone is doing something wrong does not ever justify throwing out all of that person's rights.