Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Infringes Swiss Rail Copyrights

Copyright attorney explains how Apple infringes clock face copyright
Apple or Swiss Rail: Which is which?
So you would think after Apple wins a billion dollars against Samsung for patent infringement, that they would be a little more sensitive about infringing the rights of others.
Well, guess again.
Swiss Federal Railways just announced that it may be pursuing legal action against Apple for putting a knock-off clock face in iOS 6. Clearly the two clock faces are the same. Whoever is responsible for putting that clock face in iOS6 has some ‘splainin’ to do.
Here’s what Swiss Rail had to say:
SBB is the sole owner of the trademark and copyright of the railway clock. The railway company will now get in touch with Apple. The aim is a legal, as well as a financial solution. It is not right that [Apple] simply copies the design.
For a company so quick to accuse others of copying their stuff, Apple sure does its [un]fair share of infringing the work of others. One. Two. Three. Four.