Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Viacom Sued Over Photo of Demi Moore

National Photo Group is a company that licenses photographs of celebrities. They claim to own the copyrights on a multitude of photographs of celebrities. Licensing those photographs to online and print publications is the 'bread and butter of its business.' Viacom is the parent company of VH1, which as we all know is a television channel that shows music videos and shows about popular culture.
TMZ Article About Demi Moore's Release From Treatment Facility
Allegedly, some time in March, Viacom published some pictures of Demi Moore on VH1's website with an article titled "Welcome Back, Demi Moore, Now Please Stay Away From Ashton." Others are reporting that the article is a play off an earlier TMZ article about Demi Moore's release from a medical treatment facility (see left). NPG alleges that the photographs on VH1's site were copied from TMZ's site, and sure enough, the pictures on TMZ's site bear the NPG logo.
Let this be a lesson: Just because it's easy to copy a photograph off the web does not mean that it's legal. Just ask Apple.
Read the complaint in NPG v. Viacom below.