Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prenda Law Lawyer Gets Hammered

Copyright Trolls Make You Want To Scream
It seems like these copyright plaintiff's lawyers for the porn industry just can't do anything right. Yesterday I blogged about a Federal Judge who ordered a copyright plaintiff's lawyer to show cause why he shouldn't be sanctioned for completely ignoring the Judge's order. Today, another judge drops the hammer on a different lawyer, Joseph Perea.
Copyright Trolls Make You Want To Scream
Looks like Judge Seitz had ordered all the Does but one severed from a case, and ordered Perea to destroy any and all information that he had gathered on the other Does. Well, Perea ignored the Judge's order and contacted at least one Doe anyway. We can't know how many other Does were also contacted, but this one Doe in particular complained to the Court.
Well, again, Federal Judges do NOT like it when lawyers ignore their direct and unequivocal orders. So Mr. Perea has been ORDERED to file a response to the Doe's complaint and explain his actions.
If there is one thing Federal Judges like even less that lawyers who file frivolous lawsuits, it's lawyers who violate the Judge's orders. I expect bad things to happen to Mr. Perea unless he can come up with a very compelling excuse, like aliens beaming down and eating his brain. . . or something like that.
Thanks again to FightCopyrightTrolls for breaking this news.
   Order to Destroy by   J Doe