Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Porn Industry on a Copyright Roll

I've mentioned a few victories for the porn industry in copyright infringement suits recently, including a huge $4 Million default judgment by Fraserside, IP. Guess they were emboldened with that victory and have tried again. Fraserside have filed another lawsuit, this time against the so-called "Porn Family Mafia."
The defendants are accused of hosting a number of different domains through with they gather and stream unauthorized copyrighted works. In addition to that, the defendants are accused of altering or blurring copyright notices in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Fraserside is asking for $19 Million in damages plus enhancements and attorneys fees.
It looks like the porn industry is actually getting organized and starting to defend itself against what must be rampant infringement. There are many people who say that the success of the Internet was essentially driven by the porn industry in the early days. I guess profits are starting to get tight, and the industry is trying to enhance the bottom line.