Friday, December 2, 2011

Copyright Piracy OK if You Spend The Money You Saved

Swiss OK copyright piracy so long as money spent in local theaters
The Swiss government has been considering additional legislation to address online copyright infringement. First, when you read an article about copyrights, you know which way the author leans by whether it's referred to as "copyright infringement" or "copyright piracy." The hardcore ones call it "copyright theft." The worse you make it sound, the more likely someone is to take your side. I expect to see "copyright murder" soon. But I digress.
The Swiss government was pressed to adopt some stronger online copyright protection laws, much like the U.S. is considering with SOPA. After reviewing several reports and studies, the Swiss government basically found that it would not be in the best interests of the Swiss people to enact stronger legislation. Apparently the justification is that people who download copyrighted content still spend the money they save on other forms of entertainment, like going to the theater.
That's nice, isn't it. The Swiss people are saving money by downloading American music and movies for free, but as long as they spend that money in the Swiss theaters, there's no need to address online copyright protection. I'm being horribly facetious, especially since I think we (the U.S.) already go too far trying to prevent online copyright infringement. Still, there is something oddly charming about the Swiss just putting it right out there like that.
On a completely unrelated matter, I'm thinking about organizing some support to soften the U.S. laws against chocolate piracy.