Friday, November 18, 2011

BMI Copyright Lawyers Frequent Willie's Wet Spot

What those lawyers were doing at the "Wet Spot" is anyone's guess, but they did it frequently. BMI sued Wille's Wet Spot for copyright infringement. The allegation is that the club allowed unauthorized public performances of music that BMI licenses. If you are not familiar with BMI, that is what they do. BMI representatives go around to bars and listen for music that they own rights to, and then they sue the bars for copyright infringement. They've been doing this for a long time.
Nice gig, huh? BMI's agents just go to bars, sit and listen. When they hear a song that's on their list, they write it down. Wonder what kind of songs these BMI guys heard at Willie's Wet Spot. "Baby got back"? "Drop it low"? "Salt shaker"? Apparently, they were so vigilant that they had to return to Willie's four times. Must have seen something that required further investigation.
It's always funny, at least to me, when BMI sues a strip club because I just think how tough those guys have it--getting paid to go to strip clubs and listen to the music, maybe for hours. Being a copyright lawyer can be tough, sometimes.