Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perfect your Copyright: Register Your Photographs!

I have mentioned before that registering your copyright before infringement occurs gains you some very significant benefits. If you are a photographer in the digital age, that lesson should be especially dear. If you don't want to believe me, then take the advice of Jeremy Nicholl, a British photographer based in Moscow who specializes in capturing images of the former Soviet Union. He tells a very interesting tale about one of his photographs that was misappropriated and used by a U.S. media company. Thankfully, he began registering his images in the U.S. Copyright Office some time ago, even though he is based in Moscow, so he was able to secure a very handsome settlement with the perpetrator in fairly short order.
That article is an interesting read both for his story of enforcing his rights from afar, and for his valuable advice concerning the importance of and ease with which photographers can perfect their copyrights by registering them with the U.S. Copyright Office, regardless of where you live and work. After all, you never know where the copyright infringement will occur. Just ask Jeremy Nicholl.