Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taea Thale sues Apple for Copyright Infringement

Professional photographer Taea Thale has sued Apple, Inc. for copyright infringement. Taea took several photographs of the popular indie band SHE AND HIM. Ms. Thale authorized limited use of the photographs to promote the band. There were several provisions attached to the use of Taea's photographs, including that they would only be used in print, would not be used in conjunction with an album release, and Taea would receive attribution for her work.
Lo and behold, one of those photographs made its way into an Apple advertisement to promote the iPhone, not the band, and in conjunction with SHE AND HIM's second album release. Taea never received any attribution for her work, nor did she ever provide anyone with the authority to use her work this way.
Recently, Taea filed a lawsuit against Apple for copyright infringement over Apple's unauthorized use of her photograph. The Whitaker Law Group, the Mann Law Group, and Katharine Livingston represent Taea Thale.